Joomla 3.9 and the Wright Template Framework


Thank you to everyone that attended a great meeting!!!

Joomla 3.9 Overview

Presentor: Steve Burge, Joomla Shack

Steve reviewed the following pages and details:

Some questions by the group:

  1. Could the Users listing (where all of the user edit history is kept) hurt performance?
    • ---> From Steve, we haven't seen that as a problem yet
  2. We see an advantage of storing the details about the user history, at least to be able to see who did what and when to the site.
Thank you to Steve, if you want to learn more about Joomla, visit,, they have great videos to teach you everything about Joomla that you need to know!

To watch a full video of the User Group Meeting for this section:

Working with the WRIGHT FRAMEWORK

For this section of the class, we played through the training videos created by JoomlaShack that goes through from start to finish the entire Wright Framework.  Watching the videos took about 1 hour.

Questions from the group:
1. With hiding 'modules' or content from view on cell phone
Options are:
2. Is there an option for RESPONSIVE TABLES
These are some options for tables that come with bootstrap:
3. In the video it mentioned the best way to add google analytics is to modify the php of the template, we weren't 'thrilled with that option'
could we use:

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