Pizza, Bugs & Fun - Worldwide - NEW JERSEY!

pizza bugs funDate: Saturday, October 19, 2019

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Place: Murray Hall College Avenue Campus Murray Hall 510 George Street New Brunswick, NJ - ROOM 207


pizza bugs fun

We had a great time at Pizza Bugs & Fun event.   3 Joomlers attended, our focus was to find bugs in Joomla 4 and create documentation for Joomla 4.  We utilized the systems prepared for us by the international event and watched the videos to 'teach us how', to upload patches to joomla 4, and how to create documentation.  Most of our time was spent building Joomla 4 documentation for the new image handling features of Joomla 4.  It was a great opportunity to start getting used to the newest version of Joomla and how to volunteer our time towards the project.  There were 20 different locations in 11 different countries participating each hour, starting at 9am in Australia, and ending at 4pm in Chicago, which was the last time slot...

View more details about this international event here:

About the event...

Joomla 4.0 is on the horizon, but with over 200 bugs and improvements still untested there is work to do before they can be incorporated into the Joomla! core. New features that are included in Joomla always have to be tested before they get their place in the official release. Most of the time it only takes a few minutes and Joomla! will become a bit better.

For several years there have been "Pizza, Bugs & Fun" (PBF) events worldwide, where everyone can learn how to perform such tests. At these events all the outstanding issues are tackled, tested and made available for publication. At the same time, sponsors ensure that people do not starve while they work.

Whether you're a beginner or pro, graphic designer or programmer, whether you have an business or part of a JUG, whether male or female, young or old. We are happy to welcome anyone who already uses Joomla! for work, for fun or only wants to get to know it better. Only the interest in Joomla! counts. Everyone is welcome.

We would like to invite all Joomla enthusiastic users, no matter what their prior knowledge, to Joomla!. We are grateful for any support! Participation is for free, soft drinks and a pizza included.

Registration is REQUIRED (so we know how much pizza and munchies to get!), Registration will be available shortly!

Location details:

Murray Hall College Avenue Campus Murray Hall 510 George Street New Brunswick, NJ - ROOM 207

murray hall


To register for parking go to this link:

Event Links & Details


video 1 -

video 2 - will be shown at event

video 3 - step by step:
1. overview: 0 - 1:50
2. create user documentation account, 1:50 - 8:08
3. github: 19:25 - 21:00
4. test: 22:15 - 31:33

Create the following accounts:

Documentation Account:

2. Activate Email

3. create user page
code: {{subst:Newuser}


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Issues List:

Online PBF Environment:

Joomla sites:



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